Hello Fellow BMES members,

I hope you're all having a great first week back from spring break.

First, we have a new location for biweekly club meetings!!! This quarter we will be meeting in CASA 003 NOT Kennedy Commons!!! We will have signs at both locations, but remember to come to CASA this week!!!
Our first meeting of the quarter is Thursday, April 5th at 5:30pm.

Second, we have many events planned this quarter so come to the meeting to find out more about these events. Things that we will be going over include: elections and position openings, Movie Night, Company Tours, and much more!!!

Lastly, we will opening off with another fun ice-breaker to help set the Spring Quarter off in style!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!
BMES BBQ and Movie Night - All Students Welcome! - Nov. 5,

When: Saturday Nov 5th 6-9pm
Where: University Villas-- New Campbell apartments
How much: The cost is $3 for members and $5 for nonmembers.

Please join us for some yummy food and an action packed movie in the new University Villas multipurpose room! We will be tabling this week in Benson from 10am-3pm.

In compliance with ADA/504, Please direct your accommodation requests to Ajay Fernandez at (408)421-5930 orscubmes@gmail.com at least 72 hours prior to the event. PROGRAM FLYER IS ATTACHED!

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Hello Everyone!
Please watch this video as it highlights how UPMC has made tremendous progress in enabling a paralyzed man to move his robotic arm with just his thoughts! 
Thank You for coming to the second meeting everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Amanda's presentation on behalf of Dolby Sound Systems. I know we announced a lot of events for this month but we will keep you updated with e-mails on the events that are nearing. For those of you who did not attend this meeting, we also had nominations for two opened positions:

Fund-raising Chair
-Collaborate with the PR and treasurer in raising funds and increasing membership
-find sponsors

Public Relations
-Raise community awareness
-Help develop our Club image
-Responsible for tasks such as advertising
-Helping us update our Webpage and Facebook Group

If you did not attend the meeting or you were too shy to nominate yourself feel free to message me on Facebook or send an e-mail through scubmes@gmail.com. Please prepare a presentation- no more than 5 minutes (a speech or powerpoint, video works) for our next meeting on Thursday. In addition to the presentation, there will be an interview for each candidate. Please let us know by 6pm next Tuesday to be considered for nominations.

Thank You,
William truong
President of the Biomedical Engineering Society

Come Join the Biomedical Engineering Society for our second meeting of the fall quarter. Meet awesome people within or related to your major and learn more about the events BMES has to offer for this quarter. If you did not come to our first meeting it's alright we will get you all caught up.

Not a Bioengineering major? No worries! Many of the events we do are actually related to Pre-health such as the conferences, workshops, and guest speaker presentations.

We will also be conducting Nominations to fill 2 available positions during this meeting so if you interested in being on board, please come to the meeting to learn more about this opportunity.

Hope to see you guys here! :D

Bannan Engineering Lobby Multipurpose Room

PS: A representative from Dolby Sound Systems will be coming to this meeting and will bring some products for us to demo.
Open Positions! 10/01/2011
Are you interested in being on board with BMES this year? We currently have two open positions to be filled. 
Fundraising Chair
Collaborate with the PR in raising funds and increasing membership 
PR (Public Relations):
  1. Raise community awareness
  2. Help develop our Club image
  3. Responsible for tasks such as advertising
  4. Helping us update our webpage and Facebook Group

Are you interested in clean energy and climate control?
Lab Assistant Positions with Santa Cruz Biotech 
Hello Everyone. Thanks a bunch to those who came to our first club meeting of the year!

Here's a recap for those who couldn't attend can to get caught up with the rest of us in the club. Basically, the officers introduced themselves, then William, our president, gave brief overview of the objectives of the club - meeting other interested BioE/pre-med students and opportunities for internships/research with various faculty members. Afterward, the officers passed around a survey so that they could better gauge and get feedback on what other ideas the members wish the club to full-fill. We also discussed designing a new t-shirt for the upcoming school year as well as informing that they are open positions that have to be filled. These include: fundraising chair, and public relations. We will be nominating individuals during our next meeting which will be next week @ 5:30pm(the exact date either wednesday or thursday will be announced) @ the bannan engineering lob. Towards the end, we talked about upcoming events such as SACNAS ( Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) where we will be building an arm, and illustrating to elementary/middle school kids about the mechanics behind how the arm works. It will take place on Saturday, October 29 @ San Jose Convention Center. Finally we ended our announcements with some fun ice-breaker activities and some delicious Chinese Food!!!!

Open Positions:
Public Relations
Fundraising Chair

Have a great week!
Thank you everyone who stopped by our table today during Engineering Lunch. :D. 

Our first official BMES meeting will be at 5:30pm next Wednesday (September 28th) at the engineering multipurpose room lobby. This is the one story building across from the 3 story engineering building. 

We will kick off the meeting with an awesome ice-breaker and announce upcoming events. THERE WILL BE FOOOOD. See you guys there!
For those who came to the Club fair thanks a bunch! BMES really appreciates it. It was a huge success :D. For those who missed it we will also be tabling this Thursday at the engineering quad from 1-2pm during the Engineering Lunch. Stop by if you do not have class. There's free food!